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As an attorney, my goal has always been to help people. Over the past decade, my focus shifted more and more on what I discovered to be my true passion: bringing families from across the world together in the USA. Having dealt with hundreds of immigration cases over the years, I know the ins, outs and challenges of immigration law and I aspire to bring my expertise, extensive attorney network and passion for helping others to every case I take on.

As an immigration attorney in South Florida, I also have the opportunity to use my skills to help the US economy thrive. At Robert A. Pascal, we represent both individual and corporate clients and we enjoy nothing more than to bring qualified workers, investors, and leading companies into the country.

My love for travel and a good grasp of Spanish and Portuguese has helped me develop an alliance network with some of the leading law firms in Colombia and Brazil. I go to any length to help my prospective clients, including travelling to South America for preliminary meetings.

I believe my personal approach and compassion are the key to my law firm’s success. I never delegate work to paralegals and instead believe in giving my undivided attention and passion for success to each and every case I take. By partnering with some of the finest attorneys in Florida, the US and abroad, I am able to offer unparalleled immigration legal services to corporate and individual clients alike.







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