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Robert A Pascal

From a very young age, Attorney Robert A. Pascal has always been known as a staunch defender of his client’s interests. This early identified drive and passion for defending others was further harnessed in law school. Attorney Robert Pascal has since grown his law firm to be the  home of reputable immigration lawyers and immigration attorneys.  The Law Offices of Robert A. Pascal is inarguably your one-stop for all your legal needs.    Since 1991, Attorney Robert Pascal has been providing a wide array of specialized legal services to clients in the United States and abroad. As a matter of principle, the Law Offices of Robert A. Pascal effortlessly provides individualized attention to every client, as every client is known by their name and not by a file number.


The City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, hosts the law firm of Attorney Robert A. Pascal. His law firm offers sound legal representation in a number of legal specialties, but his primary focus is  US Immigration & Nationality Law.  Due to this relentless effort to provide adequate representation for a wider population that is not entirely affected by immigration issues, he also has effective representation in the areas of: international law, criminal law, traffic law, corporate law, business law, family law, probate and personal injury as part of a well-grounded and established ancillary-arm of the firm.


We understand that our clients’ interests are better protected with us; and we have also developed a strategic alliance that has enabled us to post a record of amazing success stories through our journey of almost 3 decades. Attorney Robert A. Pascal is also a multiple award recipient for attorney client satisfaction and has no disciplinary history with the Bar association.

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The Law Offices of Robert A. Pascal, P.A. offers a wide array of legal services. We also have an established network of law firms to assist with the most complex cases.

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